Who are we?


Alycia is currently a 19 year old Graphic Design student at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. She is obssessed with conspiracy theories, space, aliens, and, basically any “mythological” creature out there. Alycia will watch any kind of ghost hunting show but scary movies are not in her vocabulary. She is also always looking for an adventure and hopes to travel the world someday. Not only is she the founder of YourHipHippie, she also runs a YouTube channel called Alyciv, and is a partner at a new and upcoming magazine called AMAIZE. Alycia believes in helping people and the enviornment and hopes one day she can blog her way through life while fighting for whats right!hiimerikanew

Erika is a 17 year old student, currently in her last year of highschool. She¬†hopes to make her way into an english program for university next year. You will always find Erika with a book in her hand and a journal in the other. She loves to read and write which is why she decided to join the team at YourHipHippie. Much like her older sister Alycia, Erika loves conspiracy theories and myths which is pretty much how the two bond. She wishes she could do acro-yoga and be Sarah Jessica Parker’s adoptive child. Erika loves the Earth and everyone in it! She hopes to help inspire this generation and help make the world a better place!

It was nice to meet you, thanks for coming by!

Stay Hip Hippies x