im starting a blog

I was always the kind of kid to get WAY to invested in my little made up projects. From thinking I could make a successful clothes line at age 10, to thinking I could be the lead of the next great girl group… multiple times. So basically what I have got from these endeavours I have tried to take part in throughout my life, is that I REALLY like creating things. So here I am. If you were to search far and wide on this interspace you will probably see at least 20 different blogs with my name under it. (You should not go search for them after this, just warning you). So I have come to the conclusion that I am ready to commit to a real blog since I have been pretty good at being on top of things lately! So here it is! I have named it “ Your Hip Hippy” which is something I like to call myself and secretly wished people referred to me as.

A little has changed since I started this blog, my sister Erika has joined the team at YourHipHippie! So this blog is no longer a solo act, it is now a sister act!

So here’s to OUR next endeavour, let’s see where this takes me…

Stay Hip Hippies x

All good things,



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