“I like you better with glasses”

These are the four words I hate hearing. Glasses are an absolute must for me (no they are not just aesthetic) and over the years have become a comfort zone of some sort. I had purchased contacts with the hope that being without my glasses would be an excitingly different experience. But hearing those words every time someone saw me without them has rendered not having them on as a huge fear of mine. I know that I probably look quite different without glasses but I cant change what I look like without them; nor can I change the fact that I need them. 2016 has been a year of finding my happiness and learning to love every bit of who I am. And I have saved this one for last. I preach self love/acceptance and I believe in being a role model for the things I encourage. So I am hoping that by writing this I will be able to face this fear head on whilst inspiring others to do the same!


Ps. I usually write these days before posting but coincidentally, last night my glasses broke and I can no longer wear them. Talk about facing my fear head on…


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