A Week of Hip Hippies: The Funky Nose Gang

I decided to send out a message asking people to send me a photo of themselves if they have ever been insecure about their nose. I know I have always struggled with not liking my nose and wishing I could have one of those perfect little button noses I saw in so many pictures. Although I’m not exactly comfortable with the way my nose looks, I am learning to embrace it. As I looked through the photos some girls have sent me for this project, I couldn’t help but think all their noses were beautiful! I never saw any of them as weird looking or large as we may see them on ourselves. They all looked perfect on everyone. I think those photos actually made me realize that we always nit pick at ourselves to harshly and what we notice about ourselves isn’t what other people see. Not one of the photos I was sent did I ever look at it and become fixated on someone’s nose as I do to my own in the mirror. Instead I noticed more compelling features like how bright some of their eyes were, or how nice their smile was! Never did I notice any flaws about their faces. I am writing this to share the photos I have collected from everyone who has ever felt insecure about their nose, so that you as a reader may look at them and realize what I am talking about when I say someone other than you will not notice your flaws. Instead they will notice something lovely about your face, or even appreciate features that you may not like yourself. Now as the reader, I would like you to look at these pictures and comment below the first thing you find beautiful from each picture (I am saying one to make it easier on you, although I know there are MANY more).  Realize its OKAY to not have perfect features in your mind, but you DO have to realize that what is imperfect to you can be perfect to someone else. The things you find weird are the quirky things that make you, YOU.

Thank you to all the gals who sent their pics! 


All good things,

Alycia xx


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