Midnight thoughts…

Here are some questions and thoughts that keep me up at night:

Night 1. What if your soul is separated and spread out throughout your lifetime and when you experience deja vu it is actually just your current self and future self being brought back into the same vessel (the body your in).

Night 2. Could going into the “white light” just be a way for the soul to be reborn into a new body?

Night 3.  We live in a world where women are literally ridiculed for everything but are still expected to be confident. And why have we instilled in men that showing emotion makes them weaker and less desirable?

Night 4. Could all religions believe in the same “higher power” but just visualize them differently?

Night 5. Why do we pay to live on a planet that we can not escape from?

Night 6. It doesn’t make sense that we are alone in this universe. Even ancient civilizations mentioned extraterrestrials in their carvings!

Night 7. Why do I limit myself to the same daily routine when there are so many things I so desperately want to accomplish

If you have the answers to any of these questions please ease my mind using the comment section below!

xx Erika


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