Little things that make you happy?

The little things that make you happy…

I think there are a lot of things that go un noticed in this world, tiny little things that do not seem to make much of a difference but if you really think of them they make you happy.

One: Walking out of school or work and realizing the day is much lovelier then it was when you went in in the morning. The sun is beating stronger, or hasn’t quite set yet.

Two: hearing a song you had forgotten for the first time in forever. feeling the notes in your bones, remembering the memories attached to it, slightly tapping your foot and dancing to the euphoric beats.

Three: Sleeping in clean fresh sheets, pulling them over your head and doing absolutely nothing for a bit. 

or better yet 4. getting out and sharing a genuine smile with a passing stranger and returning the favour.

Five: laughing so hard that you can barely breathe

Six: Hearing a voice you haven’t heard in a while

Seven: eating your favourite foods

Eight: going somewhere new

Nine: going for a walk

Ten: going back to simpler times

Eleven: realizing time went by fast or is going by slow when you want it to

Twelve: writing a letter, and recieving them

Thirteen: picking out and reading a good book

Fourteen: achieving a victory, big or small,

Fifteen: holding someones hand,

Sixteen: feeling someones touch,

Seventeen: feeling inspired,

Eighteen: watching a favourite film with a side of popcorn,

Nineteen: dancing, laughing, loving 

Twenty: realizing the little things that make you happy,

is what will.

Even when things do not seem to be going your way or everything seems just a tad bit duller than usual, try and remember the things that make you happy! No matter how small they are!!

All good things,



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