From the outside.


There’s something about seeing houses from the outside that is so intriguing. Every time I drive by a row of houses I always imagine what could be going on in there. It’s really intriguing to me because seeing a house is like seeing the cover to someone’s life, one you know nothing about. They could be happy in there, sad in there, excited in there, but you only see the outside of the house so you will never really know. Then if you look at the windows, especially when its dark out and the tiny room lights make the windows into florescent orange, yellow squares,  you can get a tiny little glimpse into the houses soul. The life in it. You may see a children’s room, a funky living room, or an office. It makes you wonder what they have and will experience in those rooms. What ideas have come out of that house, what lessons, what will they leave behind once they move on? It’s interesting to look at ordinary things in such a way because if you really think of it every little part of our lives has a story, and where we spend most of our time must have a large portion of the tale.


Next time you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat on a long drive play this little game in your head or with your friends: Think of the type of person who would live there and what they are doing right now, or what their goals are, and compare them with your friends’ ideas. Sometimes you may think of really interesting stories that might even spark ideas such as book plots, playlists and art !

All good things, 


Stay Hip Hippies x


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