Oh the places you’ll go

 I have not been many different places but I have had the luxury of taking a lot of family vacations to some beautiful areas throughout my life.

** I decided to choose one european, one canadian, and one USA destination so the places could possibly be more accessible to you guys if you live in any of those areas!

So here I am going to share with you  3 places that I think would be enjoyable to a wide variety of you!

 Algarve, Portugal!

Portugal in general over exceeded my expectations. It is a really beautiful country ( not even being biased being half Portuguese). There was so many beautiful places I went to all over the country but I think that Algarve is one of those must go to places especially if you want to feel like and island princess… and also get some really nice IG’s.

Here I have attached some pictures of my travels to Algarve!

You can also head to my instagram @alyciv or youtube  to watch my Portugal vlogs!


Montreal, Canada

Canada is so big that its super expensive for us Canadians to travel within our own country, so most of us don’t get to see the beauty it holds!

I recently did a weekend trip to Montreal as its only around a 5 hour drive from Toronto! Although it is so nearby it feels as though you have hopped on a plane to Europe and unexpectedly landed in France! Most people speak both French and English but French is considered the dominant language of the province of Quebec. Since Montreal is very europian-esque you will be able to experience beautiful architecture, languages and FOOD!

(Also almost every restaurant I went to happen to have at least a vegetarian option if not a Vegan one!!)

Here are some pictures I took of my weekend trip!

You can also head to my instagram @alyciv or youtube to watch my Montreal vlog!


Panama city beach, Florida

Ever since I was younger and my parents took us to Disney world they have loved the atmosphere of Florida. This love turned into my family taking a roadtrip down every summer ! We have been to a few different places in Florida but Panama City beach has been by far our favourite! We stay at the Calypso Condo hotel on the beach there which is close to everything you need! The place is pretty quiet but is packed with a bunch of cool things like Pier Park which is a little town esque outside mall filled with amazing stores like my personal favourite Earthbound!! Basically if I quote my parents it feels like a Cuba destination for way less of a price tag. I would definetly recomend it if you live anywhere near there or even if you want to fly out!

Here are some pictures I of Panama beach that I had to google search because I havent uploaded them on my computer yet



**If you want me to make more blogposts about places I have been then let me know down below! 

What places have you been that you have LOVED? recomend them to others in the comments !

Happy travels!

All good things,


Stay Hip Hippies x


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