What to pack your journal with.

Struggling with what to put into your travel journal to make it equally aesthetically pleasing to informative happens to the best of us. As writing and drawing is not for everyone, here are some quick and easy (may I add mostly FREE) things you can shove, tape, glue, and, stick into the pages of your travel diary!

*Also you can use these ideas for a regular journal to spice it up as well!

BUISNESS CARDS: One thing I have figured out just last week when I went to Montreal is that you can take as  many business cards AS YOU WANT, without anyone really saying anything. Business cards are cute, small, and accessible and not only do they add a little picture to your journal, they also serve as a reminder of where you have been! So when you are looking back on that travel journal you will see all the places you have been and hopefully that will spark little memories on each place!

MAPS: If you are travelling to a tourist city maps can always be found on little kiosks in the streets, and if not, usually restaurants and other little shops will have some for free! You can leave the map as it is or circle places you’ve been!

FLOWERS & LEAVES: Not quite sure if this is sanitary but it is CUTE. Usually flowers and leaves can be found on the floor just about anywhere! The good thing about   this is that you aren’t picking them off the actual plants and you are giving them new life in your journal!!

POSTCARDS: the thing is these actually cost real money… but the good news is they are usually only around 50 cents! Postcards always either have the most beautiful artwork or photographs on the front that you can use to decorate the pages of your journal! Another cool thing to do with these is write yourself a little letter on the back of the postcard for future you to read OR  even better write a letter to a secret lover like in the movies, but never send it… or do, your call.

 Hopefully some of these ideas come in handy to you on your travels!

 Stay Hip Hippies x

All good things, 



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