MEET Julia Mihevc: Hip Happenings

As you can tell by the title of this blog post this is a new series I am starting on the blog! I have named it Hip Happenings because it will highlight some hip people that are making things happen in their lives! You do not need to be doing something life changing, you can simply be a good person doing what you love! So if you know anyone who you would like me to write about then just send their links in the contact tab of the blog!!

Now onto the real deal, lets MEET Julia Mihevc


For as long as I have known Julia the first thing that comes to mind if someone were to ask about her is the fact that she writes her OWN songs, yes you read that right! Besides being ultra-talented in the music field she also can do a bunch of other things that you will definitely LOVE. Julia has had her YouTube channel for quite sometime now but it definitely needs more recognition. So here is a brief description of what you can find on her channel!

Besides recording her own original songs which she either plays on guitar or piano accompanied by her singing voice (equivalent to a woman Ed Sheeran in my opinion), she also has just started making other videos too! Her travel and lifestyle videos she has added to her previously only music channel allow her viewers to have a deeper look into her personality, thoughts and life!

  • For all those people with the travel bug, she has a series called “places” up on her channel where she explores and films her journeys to create masterpiece vlogs!
  • If you are looking for your new favourite song she has a bunch of original pieces that will get stuck in your head instantly! Also if you are just into already produced music she covers hip songs all the time!
  • If you were looking for more of thought provoking videos, have no fear! Julia films relatable videos about REAL life things like human emotions and struggling with being a shy and quiet person. Her channel is basically a mix of everything you have been longing for on a day to day basis, so make sure to give the channel some love!


If you want to see more of this gal head to her social medias!

Julia’s Instagram

Julia’s Youtube

  • Julia is currently on vacation but if you would like me to get a little interview as a part two with her let me know!

All good things,


Stay Hip Hippies x


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