New year, New us?

Yes I know, I did not go time travel to January 1st and celebrate New Year’s without you guys (this time). What I do believe though, is that the month of September is equally as important and renewing as January the 1st. So if you are like me and celebrate my version of an unofficial September New Years, then you might be pleased to know that you are not alone.

Here are some things that I have accomplished this year and bits and bobs that I have sat down to recognize all before I start this next school year.

 So this year A LOT has happened to me, seriously this was probably one of the most jam packed roller-coaster of a year, and I’m not even mad about it.

So much has changed for me since last September and the first I would like to recognize is my personal growth. If you have known me before and have a preconceived idea of the person I am today, think again. I have changed SO much that sometimes I don’t even recognize myself, but I feel totally at home in my new mindset. I have let go of so much that was holding me back, opened my mind to new possibilities and opinions and basically have gone through my own rebirth all on my own (sorry for the not so pretty picture but its true!!). I have never in my life been so proud of the things I have done and have looked at the world with such a new set of eyes then I have done this past year. Going through such a vast personal growth makes it feel like the world is something you have never seen before, all of a sudden you begin to notice the things you would have never seen and begin to un-notice the things you shouldn’t let take up even the slightest amount of space in your head.


So with that being said here are some accomplishments I am super proud of and have begun this year! (in no specific order!)

 I encourage all of you to write your own list of things you are proud of that you have done this past year, even if it’s just getting out of bed in the morning! We need to learn how to recognize our own success instead of feeding into the idea that we always have to downplay ourselves for the needs of others! There is a little printable PDF attached at the end that you can use to print and write down your own accomplishments ! If you do tag me in a pic or #hiphippiesnewyear !

Got into university – I never thought I would be here in high school, almost flunking grade 11 math but that’s a totally different story for a whole different day.

Becoming Vegetarian!! – This was probably the easiest transition I have ever been through, and the benefits it has given the world and I are astounding! (next step is: GO VEGAN)

Rookie Mag- I reached little high school Alycia’s dreams and got published in Rookie Mag. TWICE. What a dream, I’m so thankful for it ! You can find me on their site by searching my name “alycia dalfonsi “

Starting my YouTube channel and this blog! – Always have wanted to be serious about it, always been scared of judgement to do, here I am now!

Getting a “REAL” job- Well this one isn’t too exciting to be honest but it leads to my next point on why I got the job.

TRAVEL – I went back to my roots and cruised down the streets of Portugal and Spain this summer! Now saving for my next adventures, via the job paycheck.

A CAR? – I bought myself a car since I couldn’t afford to move downtown with the hefty Toronto house market prices… Anyways, more money and transportation for my future trips!

NEW FRIENDS/ CONNECTIONS : This is a real big one for me! I definitely needed this one! Im so grateful to have met the people I have met through doing YouTube and living my new lifestyle! You know who you are !

Helping People:  Getting messages on my videos saying they have helped someone nosey into this new way of thinking is the best thing I could ask for, REALLY.

The Messy Effect – I have read the blog for ages, you have read the blog, your mums probably read the blog too. We ALL know the beautiful girls behind the message Stay Messy! I’m thankful for Cartia Mallan posting about my video and including me in a messy effect road trip TRAILER. HOW COOL IS THAT!! 

MANY OTHER LITTLE THINGS- have contributed to making this year great! Here was just a few broken down !

So thank you for everything world,

I’m super excited to see what’s in store for me next, and you should be too!

Until then, all good things,


Stay Hip Hippies



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