You CAN always get what you want.

“I’m too young to make a difference, I’m too young to do anything!!” cried the 19 year old from her basement bedroom.

If you are like me and went through a similar existential crisis, then I am here to tell you that I have found the CURE.

Not like a secret potion or medicine that can magically transform you into a highly productive, know it all, but a way of thinking that can help you realize you are NEVER too young to get what you want.

We are always told that when we are young we don’t know anything , we can’t choose what we want to do because we DON’T UNDERSTAND the consequences, and so on and so on. We have all heard the speech im sure; but I am here to tell you that no matter your age you can start accomplishing the things you want in life.

Even if you may be too young to physically go out and do the things you want to do, like travel the world, OR your parents bubble wrap you and do not let you out of their sight, you can still start achieving the things you want!

Like I said if you want to travel but are seen as “too young” to do it alone you can begin by saving your money for when you can! Get a summer job, help around the house for some coin, start a little business , it’s all up to you! This way by the time you are allowed to go on your adventure you have enough funds to say you are booking the trip the same night your parents agree to let you go!

Another thing you can do is think of your goals as a map. If you have something big you want to accomplish think of little things you can do along your way to reach your final goal! These will be the rest stops. So to keep track of this you can create your own “map” by drawing a bunch of circles with arrows connecting them, so in each one you can write what you need to do in each “Step” in order to achieve your goal! 

Here I have attached a little template I made for your usage! Print it out, tape it to your wall, put it in your journal or school agenda as a reminder of what you need to do! If you print it out send me the pics!

makingprogress <— click this for the printout!  


Thinking of things you can do NOW while on the journey to achieving your goal is a perfect way to pass the time until your final destination, but also get sh*t done along the way!!!

The final tip is no matter how you feel or how others view you, just know you are really NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to do what you want and get to where you have always dreamed to be !


All good things,


Stay Hip Hippies x


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