Movies that make you cry and question your existence

I have this thing where I can’t get hooked on television shows unless I really enjoy them right from the first episode. This results in my love for movies. The aesthetics and story lines of certain movies really inspire the art I make, the clothes I wear and quite honestly bits and pieces of the way I present myself. So if you too are an avid movie watcher then take a peek at three of my favourite movies to date.

Just a quick side message before we start: all these movies are independent/low budget films (and until the last time I checked could be found on Netflix) because those interest me the most! 

The first movie I would have to mention would be Electrick Children. This movie is so beautiful to me and the story line is quite out of the ordinary which makes it even better in my books! If you are into carefree boys with long hair, rock and roll, girls rebelling from what they have been taught, a sense of fantasy, beautiful locations and cinematography, and last but not least the amazing soundtrack and meaning buried in the scenes of this movie, then you need to watch this one! Rory Culkin (Clyde) is one of my favourite actors and his acting in this movie is quite amazing. Also I do have to mention that this movie is directed by a female, so extra points for girl power!!

elect5rick children1
The second one I would have to mention would be I Origins. Anytime I hear or see of people who know about this movie we instantly become friends in my books. This movie is a downright portrayal of everything that I love made into perfect moving photographs. If I didn’t know better, and I could actually direct film, I would think I had written this story. If you are into sci-fi fantasy, spirituality vs science, steamy romance and crying your eyes out for a good (almost) two hours, then this is the movie for you! This is the first movie I ever mention if someone brings up movies to me because I feel like the director Mike Cahill has pleased every type of audience imaginable with this one! Good on you Mr. Cahill, I praise you.

Side note about I origins: the hottest cast you will ever see, and I wish I could marry Michael Pitt)


The third one I would like to mention is Copenhagen. This is where my love for the city in Denmark began. This movie is packed with such beautiful landscapes and people that it makes you want to book your flight to this city right after you finish watching it. The plot is heartwarming and lifelike, and if I hadn’t known this was not based on a true story I would assume so! The main character Effy is the most charming Danish actor and her co-stars’ character Will is equally as good. The only downfall to this movie would be the somewhat underage relationship included, BUT since there is way more to the movie then just that, I would recommend it to the sceptics anyways. Copenhagen is a modern portrayal of relationships and opens your eyes to what love really can mean to certain people. A must watch!!

copenhagen movie 1.png

Stay Hip Hippies x

All good things,




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